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JT WhatsApp Download APK v9.98 Official (JiMODs, No Ban) Latest Version

APK NameJT WhatsApp
Version9.98 (Official Version)
Android Requirement4.1+
File TypeJTWhatsApp APK
LicenceFully Unlocked
Total Downloads46,580,980+
Last Updated2 Hours Ago

JT WhatsApp is Best Tool Developed to Enhance your WhatsApp Experience and Enrich with full customization features. Download JT WhatsApp App from the JTWhatsApp Official Site – JTWA.Dev for a seamless and personalized messaging experience.

JT WhatsApp download

JT WhatsApp

JT WhatsApp is an extraordinary WhatsApp Alternative, having lots of amazing features and customizations. This app gives you more Safety, Security & customizations, than any other WhatsApp alternative. Also having all these advantages will never mean it’s paid, you can always download JT WA from the official website JTWA.Dev. Altogether if you are bored using the same boring WhatsApp in your daily rituals, then you should take a look at JTWhatsApp and use its unbeatable features, Themes, and Customization in one stack app. Try it now…

JTWhatsApp APK, also known as JTWA. This is the most powerful WhatsApp alternative, you will get access to lots of premium and unique features, which are not available on WhatsApp. We will be going to cover all the information about this app, also you can download JT WhatsApp APK for free. So for all these, it’s very important to read this article till the end. Otherwise, you will miss something important.

Overview About JT WhatsApp

People are updating day by day, and using new things has been a lifestyle in today’s world. But are you also adopting it, there are still many people who are using the same WhatsApp mods, where we have the amazing JTWhatsApp available. JT WhatsApp is one of the most powerful WhatsApp alternatives with lots of benefits. This app can help you stand out from your others and get access to more features.

Like the other top WA alternative, JT WhatsApp Mods have the basic features. But the cherry on the cake is, you will get many unique and advanced features in the JTWhatsApp app. This feature is not even available on other WhatsApp mods, because people love to use JTWhatsApp over them. There are many other benefits of this app, which we have discussed briefly. So for that read the features part of this article.

Need Of JT WhatsApp?

Before doing anything it’s very important to know the purpose of that thing, So this app is very helpful to give you advanced features. The most amazing thing about this app is it offers more privacy and security settings than WhatsApp, making it more convenient to use. If you are using WhatsApp for your daily work and want to upgrade your lifestyle, no doubt JTWhatsApp will be a great alternative for you. Just download the JT WhatsApp app from JTWA.Dev and you will get all your doubts cleared in it.


Is It Safe To Use JTWhatsApp APK?

Yes, JT WhatsApp is safe to use, however, it’s also important to download the app from a genuine platform. If you download the app from any third-party site, without proper security checkups. Then it could be harmful to your device. We suggest you download JT WhatsApp APK from JTWA.Dev, it’s the official website to download this app. We give this version to our users after proper testing and checkups. Just click on the download button below and you will be able to install it on your device.

Download JT WhatsApp APK For Free (OFFICIAL) Anti-Ban


Downloading the JT WhatsApp app is not a big deal, now you get to download JT WhatsApp official version in one click, using JTWA.DEV. It’s an official website to download JTWhatsApp and other associated WhatsApp alternatives for free. We are very concerned about your safety and privacy because every app shared by us has proper security checkups. You will never need to worry while downloading any app from our website. We have shared a free download link for JTWhatsApp APK below.

APK NameJT WhatsApp
Version9.98 (Official Version)
Android Requirement4.1+
File TypeJTWhatsApp APK
LicenceFully Unlocked
Total Downloads16,650,000+
Last Updated2 Hours Ago

JT WhatsApp Update Download Latest Version For Free – Antivirus

We arrive with the Latest Version Of the JT WhatsApp APK on JTWa.dev. This version gives you access to all the latest features and functions for free. In the latest version, we have added more new themes, stability and bug fixes. This version is freely available to download from JTWa.dev. We have also shared other Top JT MODs APK, like JTelegram, JT WhatsApp Business, JT Tiktok and more.

JTWhatsApp Plus – Take The Advantage Of Plus

We always try to give our users more, More Features, More Customisations and more privacy and security. Because with the all-new JT WhatsApp Plus APK, you can get most of the JT Mods. We have added all the fabulous features and bundled them into JTWhatsApp Plus APK. This app lets you enjoy all the things you want, without breaking the bank. Try out the all-new JTWhatsApp Plus APK, available on JTWa.dev.

JT WhatsApp 2024 – Enjoy The Latest Features

Get access to all the latest features and benefits of WhatsApp with JT WhatsApp 2024. JTWhatsApp is the most popular WhatsApp alternative so far, and we hope this will be in your hearts as always. As usual, we have provided the direct download link for JT WhatsApp Apk in this article, also you can get it from JTWa.dev. Enjoy all the amazing features of JT whatsApp 2024 for free now.

Unbelievable Features Of JTWhatsApp APK


JTWhatsApp is filled with lots of amazing features, making it one of the most powerful WhatsApp alternatives. To utilize this feature properly, you first need to know about them. Because we have shared the Top Features of JTWhatsApp APK below, just read them carefully.

List Of Amazing Features in JTWhatsApp

  • More Customization Settings
  • In-Build Theme Store
  • Advance Privacy Settings
  • More safe app lock
  • Use Custom Call Blockers
  • Blue Ticks settings
  • Custom privacy options
  • Universal Settings Options
  • Use Multiple Accounts
  • Freeze Online Status
  • Disable “Forwarded Tag”
  • New Chat Locks Features
  • WhatsApp Status Downloader
  • Auto Reply Settings
  • Chat Screen Customizations
  • Bulk Messages Sender
  • Message a number
  • Airplane (DND) Mode
  • More Media Sharing
  • Chat Hide Options

image/svg+xml edit More Customization Settings

JTWhatsApp empowers you with more crazy customizations and settings. These settings are usually not available on the original WhatsApp, but with JTWhatsApp, you can have access to it for free. There are lots of options available to upgrade your life. All you need to do is, just download the JT WhatsApp app on your device for free.

More Customization Settings
JT Theme Store

folder_type_theme_openedIn-Build Theme Store

Many WhatsApp Alternative offers themes, but there are very less options available on it. Whereas in the JT WhatsApp APK, you will get up to 5 thousand exclusive themes available on its JT themes store. This store has the most attractive themes in the world, you can easily customize all your app UI in one click. Install the app and try your favorite JT WA themes for free.

Advance Privacy Settings

When it comes to privacy no app can beat JT WhatsApp APK. This app has lots of unique features which are insane from its competition. With its advanced privacy settings, you can ensure your privacy from the online world. JTWhatsApp gives you access to all the privacy options, without losing your Privacy.

Privacy Setting
App Lock

Safe App Lock

We all have used app locks, but these third-party app locks didn’t work well. Also, there is always a threat to hack them easily. Because in JTWhatsApp we have added an In-Build app lock for you. This lock is very powerful and helps you make your WhatsApp more secure. Also, this app lock comes with all Type unlocking patterns, so you can easily use, the pattern, password, and pin as per your choice.

Custom Call Blockers

Are you bored picking up calls on WhatsApp? then this feature is for you. In this feature, you can call blocking options to and block any specific person’s call on WhatsApp. The best thing about this feature is, the person you are going to block will know that you have blocked them. You will get many custom messages to show them, and feel like you are busy with another thing.

Custom Call Blocker
Blue Tick Styles

Blue Ticks settings

Do you know about Blue ticks settings in JTWhatsApp? if not then don’t worry we are here to guide you with it. In JT WhatsApp you will get access to your privacy, from custom settings to blue ticks options you can easily customize anything. There are options to hide Blue ticks, also if you have read a message. Also, you can change the color of ticks and change their layout such as double ticks for other custom options.

Custom Privacy Options

JT WhatsApp allows you to customize the app as you want. There is no restriction on anything you can do in this app. You can easily set custom privacy settings for your contacts. JTWhatsApp allows you to distribute your privacy settings in four categories, contacts, broadcast, groups, and communities. You can easily get different privacy settings for any of these classes.

Custom privacy options
Universal Settings Options

Universal Settings Options

Universal Settings Options are considered very important customization options in JTWhatsApp. In this setting tab, you can easily do the settings for universalized settings, such as fonts, language, color scheme, background, and layout. Many other options are important while using JT WhatsApp APK, like notification settings.

Freeze Online Status

Showing and hiding your online status is also a part of privacy. This setting will make you invisible to other people, while you can still see them. Doing these settings is a very easy task. Just click on the 3 dots in the top left corner, and go to JT Settings Panel. Then click on privacy and security settings and search for the hide online status option. Now enable these options and you are invisible to other people.

Chat Lock

New Chat Locks

You may use app lock for WhatsApp, but do you know about the new JT Chats Lock? yes, it exists and has many advantages. If you don’t want to lock full WhatsApp, then by using JT Chats Lock you can lock a specific chat only. It’s a very great option for maintaining your privacy in the digital world. If you want to use this feature just download JT WhatsApp APK from JTWA.Dev and install it on your device.

forward Disable “Forwarded Tag”

If you have sent a message to more than 3-4 people WhatsApp will add a forwarded tag to that message. This looks very annoying and weird, and many people can think you are spreading fake news. So now with the help of JTWhatsApp APK, you can disable the forwarded tag. This will give you access to share messages with Unlimited users, without any type of tag.

Disable Forwarded Tag
Message a number

Message A Number

WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to message any Unknown reception. You will first need to save the number on your device and after that, you can message them. But no more my friend, JTWhatsApp has a very quick solution for you, we have added a quick message sender option in this app. Using this option you can send a direct message to any number, without the need of saving them in your device. It’s a very helpful feature.

Auto Reply

Are you just staying online to message people, wanted to set auto messages? then this feature is for you. In JTWhatsApp APK, you can set an auto-reply message and customize it for your day-to-day conversation. If you are a small business or any enterprise, then this feature will be a lifesaver for you. It will provide quick replies to your customer and help you make more engagement.

Auto Reply
Conversation Screen

Chat Screen

Chat is the screen we use most in WhatsApp because in JTWhatsApp we have added a special customization option in the app. Using this option you can easily, Customize each and everything of your chat screen in JT WA APK. You can change the font style, colors, looks, feel, layout, background, and many more. To get access to these settings, just go to JT WA settings and search for conversation screen settings.

Bulk Messages Scheduler

If have you tried sending messages to people, then this feature is for you. The bulk messages sender features in JT WhatsApp help you send any message to as many contacts as you want. These options over limit the message-sending limit on WhatsApp and help you send messages in bulk. But please keep in mind, it’s available for fair usage, and do not spare fake news or spam people with this option. Or your wa account will be blocked from WhatsApp.

Bulk Message Scheduler
Airplane Mode

Airplane (DND) Mode

Do you want to go offline in WhatsApp without turning your data off, then this option is available with JT WhatsApp. JT WhatsApp has an airplane mode option available in it. Using this option you can easily go offline without turning your data off. If you want to focus on other apps and work, then this feature will be pretty helpful for you. Just open the JT WhatsApp APK and click on the airplane icon available on the top.

More Media Sharing

WhatsApp has many limitations, in WhatsApp, you can’t send more media files than a limit. So the best solution here is using JT WhatsApp APK, this app is a modified version of the same WhatsApp gives you more media sharing limit. With JTWhatsApp APK, you can share more than 80 photos at a time, also this version supports big videos, so you can also share them easily. JT WhatsApp will give you the best quality media files because it doesn’t compress them before sending.

Media Sharing
Anti-View Once

Anti-View Once

If you are familiar with the new WhatsApp update of view once, this feature allows you to send one-time messages and media files which will be deleted automatically after you view them. This setting is irreversible and only sender can change it. But with this feature, there are many drawbacks like lack of privacy. Because to give you more power in JT WhatsApp we have added anti-view once messaging. This feature will allow you to save the message also if it’s deleted from the sender or has enabled view once.

View Story Toast

Do you know about JT WhatsApp toast settings, this version has the most customizable toast and notification settings. You can easily modify your favorite toast and notification. Also, there are options to customize them with different sounds and looks. You can set the priority, so the important toast will come first. JT WA Apk helps you block unnecessary toast, you can change and block them in JTWhatsApp easily. Download JT WA Apk now and explore more amazing toast customization for free.

View Story Toast

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using JT WhatsApp

As with every other app, JTWhatsApp also has many advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to have a look at them. Below we have shared quick details about this information please read it carefully.

Advantages Of Using JT WhatsApp APK

1. More Customisation – Customisations have been an important aspect of WA alternatives because, in the JTWhatsApp app, you will get more customization options.

2. Extra safe & Secure -JT WhatsApp offers more features to give you an extra safe and secure chatting experience.

3. In-Build Theme Store -Like other top WA mods, there are custom themes in JT WA APK. But here you will get an In-Build theme store Available.

4. Get extra Features – For those who don’t like extra features, in JTWhatsApp you will get many extra features available. This feature is not available on any other mods also.

Disadvantage Of Using JT WhatsApp APK

1. Not Official Version – JT WhatsApp is also a modified version of WhatsApp, and is not related to the parent company anywhere.

2. Late Updates – As a MOD JTWhatsApp will miss out on quick security updates, but in JTWA.Dev we will give you the latest version updates on time.

3. Many fake Versions – As this version is getting into fame, people are cloning it. Because we suggest downloading JT WhatsApp APK from a genuine platform only, like JTWA.Dev.

How To Download Latest Version Of JT WhatsApp APK?

Are you struggling to find the latest version of the JTWhatsApp Apk? If yes then this article could be a game changer for you. Because you are on the official website to download JT WhatsApp APK. In JTWA.Dev we have shared the latest version of JT WA with our users. This version introduced to you many fabulous features which are insane. This makes the JT WhatsApp Type the ultimate WhatsApp MOD.

Installation Guide for Android

If you are worried about how to install JT WhatsApp on your device, then JTWA.Dev is come up with a full step-by-step guide for you. This guide will help you install manual apps on your device, making it more easy and simple to use them by following all the safety instructions. Just read our guide till the end, and don’t skip any part of it.

Step 1. First of all, you will need to download JTWhatsApp APK on your device. So for that just click on the Download button below and start your downloading.

Step 2. After that, you will need to go into your file manager and search for the app we just downloaded.

Step 3. Then you will see a new window opening, it will ask to enable the permission for “Unknown Sources”, so enable these settings. If you have already done this setting before, then it will not show up to you.

Step 4. After you are done with the settings, click on the install button and wait while your app is getting installed.

Step 5. Once JTWhatsApp APK is installed, you can simply click on the open button and enjoy using the app for free.

JT Whatsapp Download for iPhone

Yes, you heard it right. Now you can use JT WhatsApp on your iPhone. We will be going to share a detailed guide to download and install JT WhatsApp for iPhones. This guide will give you an idea about the JT WhatsApp works and its installation. Before going ahead, We would be sharing some cool facts and features of JT WhatsApp for iPhone. This is a special version of the JT WhatsApp apk for Apple users. We have also made it with a special UI selection and features. Moreover, this app will work the same as the Android version. But you can get some top-up features that are only made for JT WhatsApp iPhone users. So let’s move ahead and read about how to download and install JT WhatsApp on iPhone.

Step By Step Guide to Install JT WhatsApp on iPhone

Before moving to use JT WhatsApp on iPhone, we will have to know about its downloading and installation process. As we haven’t shared this app on Playstore or Appstore, you can be able to download JT WhatsApp for iPhone from our official website (JTWa.dev). So please read and follow all the steps given below carefully.

Step 1: Prepare Your iPhone for JTWA
Before you begin, make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS version. This will ensure compatibility and minimize the risk of any installation of JT WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step 2: Enable Third-Party App Installation
By default, iOS does not allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. To enable third-party app installation, go to “Settings” on your iPhone, tap on “General,” and then select “Device Management” or “Profiles & Device Management.” Locate the profile associated with the app’s developer and tap on “Trust” to authorize it. JTWA for iPhone is an authentic app from JTWa.dev, you will not need to worry.

Step 3: Download JTWhatsApp
Now you will need to Download JT WhatsApp APK for iPhone, So for that go to JTWA.dev or click on the download button below. Here you will find all the available versions for Android and iPhone. Make sure to select the latest version in the iPhone list.

Step 5: Install JTWhatsApp using iTunes Launch
iTunes on your computer and select your iPhone from the device menu. Navigate to the “Apps” section and scroll down to the “File Sharing” section. Click on “Add File” and select the JTWhatsApp IPA file you downloaded earlier. iTunes will now install JTWhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step 6: Trust the App Developer
Once the installation is complete, disconnect your iPhone from your computer. On your iPhone, go to “Settings” > “General” > “Device Management” or “Profiles & Device Management.” Locate the profile associated with JTWhatsApp and tap on “Trust” to authorize the app’s developer.

Step 7: Open JTWhatsApp and Set Up
Your Account Locate the JTWhatsApp icon on your iPhone’s home screen and tap to launch the app. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your account, including verifying your phone number and you are done. Now enjoy using all the amazing features of JT WhatsApp Apk on iPhone for free.

How To Restore Chats In JTWhatsApp APK?

JT WhatsApp Backup & Restore

JT WhatsApp is one of the best WA mods in the market, with its fabulous features it’s getting into frame rapidly. But there is a problem here, people are afraid of losing their data. For all those who don’t know how to restore chats in JTWhatsApp Apk, we have shared a detailed guide below. Please read this carefully and don’t skip any part of it.

Step 1. First go to your WhatsApp settings, if you are using ordinary WhatsApp then you will find the backup and restore options in settings. If you are using a MOD apk, then go to MOD settings and universal settings, then click on backup.

Step 2. After a successful backup download the JT WA apk on your device. So just click on the download button and it will be started.

Step 3. Once you have downloaded the JTWhatsApp Apk, then install it on your device. If you don’t know how to install it just read our installation guide.

Step 4. Now sign in to JTWhatsApp and you will see a restore chats option in the process, so if you have backup using ordinary WhatsApp then restore from here.

Step 5. If you have backup using WhatsApp MOD then go to JT Settings Panel => Universal Settings=> Backup and Restore. Now Restore your chat from here.

JT WhatsApp Backup & Restore Chats


Is it hard to update JTWhatsApp?

No, updating JTWhatsApp is been very simple. With our website, you can simply download the latest version of JTWhatsApp APK on your device for free.

Which is the lowest Android Version to Install JTWhatsApp APK?

If you want to install JTWhatsApp on your device, then it’s important to have android version 4.4 and more on your device.

How to Download JTWhatsApp for free?

while many websites can ask you for money, downloading JTWhatsApp APK is free with JTWA.Dev.

What is a Popular WhatsApp alternative?

JTWhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and others are some examples of popular mods of JTWhatsApp APK.

Is it Safe to Use JTWhatsApp on My Device?

Yes using JTWhatsApp is free of cost there is no need to waste a single penny on anything else.


The above article was all about JTWhatsApp, also known as Ji mods. It’s a very powerful version of WhatsApp mods and offers lots of amazing features. We have shared all the important information about this app, with a death features review. So if you want to download JT WhatsApp APK official version, JTWA.Dev is the only place for you. For your convenience, we have attached a free download link to this article. Just make sure to share this amazing article with all your friends and family, so they can also enjoy using this app.


In the above article we have shared JTWhatsApp APK with you, it’s one of the popular WhatsApp alternatives in the Market. With its growing day-to-day features, people have started adopting it on a large scale. Like some top WhatsApp alternatives, GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and Yo WhatsApp you will get more unique features in JT WhatsApp APK. We have shared a free download link for JT WhatsApp APK in this article, so you can freely download it from there. That’s it for now, stay tuned with us and enjoy using JT WhatsApp officially.